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APO’G, your partner in your Office 365 migration

Office 365 is the ideal tool to familiarise an SME with the Cloud advantages (SaaS mode) without making any major changes to infrastructure or work habits, without commitment constraints, while reducing the IT budget.

With standardized, proven and widely adopted tools, Microsoft offers a complete, scalable and easily assimilated range of tools for all employees, such as the Exchange mail server, the Office suite, and its Link server.

Apo’g, a Microsoft Cloud partner, accompanies you in the success of your migration.

Our 15 years of experience, our perfect knowledge of On-Premise (local) infrastructures, or in a Cloud environment in multiple contexts, in addition to our partnership with Microsoft will guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Since the Office 365 entry point is both the user’s email address and the mail server, the seamless migration of your current email to the Office 365 environment is essential.

Steps to consider when migrating to Office 365

Analysis of the current situation:

  • Original mail server: Imap, Pop, Exchange, Google, Lotus, Hosts
  • Volume of mailboxes and archives
  • Migration of calendars, notes, tasks, storage space (Drive)
  • Definition of short to medium term objectives for best implementation of the new functionalities

Choice of migration mode to Office 365 :

  • As the email traffic cannot be interrupted, we offer you the migration mode best suited to your architecture (manual, failover, hybrid) and pick the most appropriate time together.
  • We support your transition until your new working environment is fully functional.

Adoption by users :

This fundamental point is too often overlooked.

Once completed, the migration to the Office 365 environment and attached benefits need internal sharing with your users.

Too often we meet SMEs that have migrated but have only scratched the surface of Office 365’s full potential.

To improve productivity and work simplicity, it is essential to get all your employees to engage with this new environment.

Since each SME is different and each business has its own idiosyncrasies, we implement a tailor-made approach backed by adapted training courses, to suit the functionalities or interests of each group of users or functions within the company.

At the end of this migration, the IT work habits in your SME will be transformed and simplified:

Mobile: Access your applications from a PC, tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac or Android, fixed or mobile, allowing work in offline mode.

Connected: Chat, audio and videoconferencing, share your files in a few clicks, work in co-editing, access a private and secure corporate social network.

More efficient: Work in groups, where you want, when you want.

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