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IT Data Backup

Protect your company's capital: your data.

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Backup As A Service: all the advantages of SaaS mode applied to the backup of your files.

Don’t overlook the importance of backing up your computer data

Hackers won’t wait until you’re ready…

Externaliser la Sauvegarde de Données Informatiques

Benefits of Backup As A Service

Whatever the means of protection installed, the worst must be envisaged: fire, water damage, theft, breakdown, cyber-attack, etc. Only the implementation of a Backup As A Service solution makes it possible to anticipate all these events simply.

  • Flexible monthly subscription based on data volume
  • Restore from local or outsourced backup
  • Daily report on the progress of your backups
  • A simple and intuitive console for setting up and monitoring

Prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan

To avoid suffering the consequences of an IT disaster, it is necessary to consider all possible scenarios beforehand. For a long time, these IT Continuity Plans (ICP) and IT Recovery Plans (IRP) were reserved for large accounts.

Backup As A Service, with its ease of access and low cost, now makes them accessible to SMEs.

PCI / PRI - Sauvegarde de Données - Plan de Continuité ou de Reprise Informatique

Data backup in numbers


increase in cyberattacks between 2019 and 2020.


of companies that lose their data disappear within 2 years.


of companies go bankrupt after a computer disaster.

With APO’G, protect your local backup with an outsourced one

APO’G helps you choose, deploy and maintain the remote backup solution best suited to your needs and the infrastructure in place.

Analysis of the architecture and file tree.

Optimisation of the backup plan or BCP/ERP.

Calculation of the volume of files to be backed up.

Testing and regular backup restoration.

Sauvegarde des Informatiques - Bénéfices

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