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User Protection

The adoption of hybrid work has put the user at the center of a good cybersecurity strategy.

Effective tools to protect your employees from cyber threats

Making your employees aware of cyber threats through dedicated training is essential, but not sufficient. You must also equip each terminal used by your employees with effective tools to counter these cyber attacks.

To protect your data, everyone must commit

Utilisateurs - MFA


Equip them with a non-binding IT security solution.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Control your legal and financial risks, secure your data!

Directeurs des achats - Authentification Multi Facteurs

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Protect your company's capital and credibility.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Control emerging IT threats with a simplified architecture.

Protection Utilisateurs - Persona

Protect the access of your employees

Threats are evolving every day, targeting your employees as a vulnerable entry point to your IT systems. Equip your employees with the right solutions that work.

Stay ahead of the ever-changing threats: malware, targeted attacks, ransomware, cryptocurrency mining, and more.

Protection Authentification - MFA - Utilisateurs

Employee safety is essential

In a car, you have several layers of protection: brakes, deformable chassis, seat belts, and finally the airbags. If one of the components fails, the next one will take over.

In IT, it’s the same thing!

Your employees can no longer stand the constraints of additional security steps?

MFA is the best and least burdensome solution to strengthen the security of your network and intercept cyberattacks, whether at work or at home.

An immediate security gain for the company

Do you want to deploy a multifactor authentication solution? With its low cost and simple configuration, it is the ideal solution for SMEs.

However, few SMEs implement it, and it is often the users themselves who think that multifactor authentication will slow down their access to data and business applications.

With APO’G, your MFA partner, this is not the case! To protect everyone’s data, you need everyone’s support.

Protection de l'Utilisateurs - Facile à Déployer et à Gérer

Authentication protection in numbers


of the attacks come from a
password theft.


risk reduction program with the MFA.
the MFA.

52 seconds

The time it takes to crack
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With APO’G, win your cyber immunity by protecting your employee’s access

We guarantee our customers the expertise of technicians regularly trained in the latest subtleties of computer protection for users.

Mobility: Protecting employees wherever they work.

Applications: Make patching a priority.

Collaborators: Develop best practices.

Devices: Close the door on malware.

MFA - Multi Facteur Authentification - Protection Utilisateur

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