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Microsoft 365 two factor authentication

Microsoft 365 is by far the most used software suite in the enterprise. A prime target for hackers.

Why enable Office 365 two factor authentication?

With 85 million business users worldwide, Microsoft 365 has not escaped the attention of hackers, who have made it a prime target.

If a hacker succeeds in recovering your Microsoft 365 password, all he has to do is connect to the Microsoft 365 portal and access all your data: Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and all the collaborative work applications included in this suite.

The hacker can:

  • Extract information from your company
  • Introduce malware into the company’s network
  • Impersonate your customers
  • Delete your data irretrievably.
Activer MFA Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 does not include a backup of your data.
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Protecting your data with a simple password is no longer enough

New software available to hackers is also benefiting from advances in artificial intelligence, and it now takes only a few minutes to recover most of the passwords we use every day.

Assuming a particularly cybersecurity-conscious user decides to create a 16-character password that combines characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.

Vulnérabilité de vos mots de passe - MFA de Microsoft 365
Mot de Passe usurpé

What happens next?

Too happy to have created this splendid password, the user will hasten to use it for most of the applications he uses, both professional and personal.

It is not uncommon for applications to be hacked. Thousands of passwords are for sale on the Dark Web.

Having a strong password is not enough

It is also necessary to have different passwords for each of your applications and to change them regularly. The ANSSI advises to change them every 90 days.
Most of us are unable to manage so many complex passwords, and also unable to have this rigor in their use and their regular change.

Changer de mot de passe

Install MFA on all your Microsoft 365 accesses

Gratuit - MFA

It’s free.

MFA de Microsoft 365 - Facile à installer

It’s easy to install.

A l'écoute - MFA Microsoft 365

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With APO’G, install the MFA on all your accesses

  • Session of your computers, especially if they are portable.
  • VPN access
  • SAML compatible software and applications.

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