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Maintain permanent access to your network

Why set up a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan?

Assess your current level of protection

Establish a clear strategy in the event of hardware failure (BCP) or major disaster (DRP)

Minimize service and application access disruption

Avoid financial losses

Avoid legal sanction

Protect the company’s reputation

How to make your BCP or DRP project successful?

Apo’g services:

Analysis of the existing infrastructure, strengths and weaknesses<br />

Definition of an “objectives agreement booklet”

Technical and financial proposal

Deployment of services for the selected solutions

Knowledge transfer to your teams

Regular tests validating Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery

The success of a PCA PRA plan responds to specific rules, but its implementation will be different depending on the objectives sought and the context.

Automatic replication of your Hyper-V and VMware VMs as well as Windows and Linux servers

Monitoring console allowing real-time reaction

Permanent data synchronisation

Backup and backup plan integration

Usage-based, minimal costing when BCP not in place.

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