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Relocating your infrastructure

A company’s lifecycle is punctuated by relocations, these are particularly delicate phases to negotiate, especially for the IT part.

A lack of preparation can at worst compromise the company’s productivity, and at the very least complicate an already stressful situation.

A well-planned relocation move can nonetheless be an excellent opportunity to upgrade and optimize a company’s IT infrastructure.

Apo’g, your partner you through each step of your move.

déménagement apog informatique
apog déménagement informatique

Operator links

Changing premises requires you to relocate your internet and telephone operator connections or decide to upgrade them.

Depending on the location of your future premises, and the desired connections, it is advisable to start the process three months before entering the new premises.

Why ?

Because it is essential to check telecom connections eligibility for a seamless operation of your infrastructure.

Some operator products and services will not be available in some areas. Benefiting from adequate speed and having a precise idea of future cost is a significant criteria in the choice of your future location.

Once the choice of your premises is confirmed, it is crucial to know the precise timeframe for connection availability, whether moving the existing ones or installing new connections.

Your moving date must consider this often-incompressible timeframe or risk a limited activity for some time.

A relocation is also an opportunity to take stock of your telephone and Internet offers.

Les différences FTTH et FTTO *

With the expanding adoption of cloud solutions and bandwidth needs, having suitable connections is crucial to your company’s operations.

Through partnerships with the market’s main players, Apo’g will analyse your invoices for free, and offer solutions towards significant cost reduction or access to new technologies.

Current market main proposition:

Connection Medium Use Speed Eligibility Timeframe
Numéris (T0) Copper Voice Guaranteed Everywhere 2 to 3 weeks
ADSL Copper Data Not guaranteed Everywhere 2 to 3 weeks
SDSL Copper Data Garanti output dependent 6 to 8 weeks
FTTH * Fibre Data Not guaranteed Study 4 weeks
FTTO* Fibre Data Guaranteed Study 8 to 12 weeks
BIV SDSL Copper Voice/ Data Guaranteed Study 6 to 8 weeks
BIV FTTH Fibre Voice/ Data Not guaranteed Study 6 to 8 weeks
BIV FTTO Fibre Voice/ Data Guaranteed Study 8 to 12 weeks
SIP TRUNK Cloud Voice Guaranteed Everywhere 24 heures

The process of relocating an operator for a company is significantly more complicated than for an individual, which is why Apo’g offers to tend to all your operator procedures.


Your advantage is a unique interlocutor, who knows perfectly the different offers of the operators market.

Network wiring

When visiting your future premises, it is essential to prepare an office and IT room blueprint, and check consistency with the existing wiring.

To ensure good working conditions to all users, it is imperative to establish if the existing wiring is certified in category 5 (100 M), or better still in category 6 (1GB).

Most equipment on the market today operate in gigabit (GB), but you could lose the benefits of high-performance equipment because of faulty or sub-par wiring.

The only fool proof way through this is to require a category 5 or 6 testing of your wiring.

If your landlord cannot provide it, Apo’g will upon request.

Depending on the test results, the existing wiring will be validated or upgraded according to your bandwidth objectives.

Within our wiring framework, we offer services to make sure this is properly done:

On-site and on-plan due diligence determining the quantity of wiring points: workstations, video conference room, video projectors, copiers, WI-FI terminals…

A 19-inch central patch bay centralising all outlets, allowing you the integration of all active elements (Servers, Switches, routers, inverters, etc.).

Standard cabling allowing connection of a computer or telephone station.

Wire routing in compliance with current standards and certification.

Submission of a full report.

Implementation time and cost depend on several factors:

Number of wired sockets (number of users): count two RJ45 sockets per workstation.

Chosen category and technology: in some configurations optical fibre cabling is essential (inter-storey or inter-bay link)

Type of premises, it will be easier and faster to wire premises equipped with partitions, false ceilings and raised floors than Haussmann-style premises.

Apo’g accompanies you upstream of your installation, it is the insurance not to deceive you.

Reinstallation of your IT infrastructure in the new premises

Once the operator connections are installed and the wiring compliant, there no longer is any technical hurdle to relocating.

While the moving company is qualified to handle your furniture, it is nevertheless advisable to pay special attention when moving some of your network elements.

Apo’g will handle:

Securing and backing up data before moving the servers

Saving the configuration of the telephone system

Planning definition

Moving sensitive elements (servers, firewall, autocom, etc.).

Respecting deadlines and requirements, with on-demand after-hours or week-end services to ensure activity continuity.

Reinstalling the infrastructure in the new premises with dedicated employee assistance to validate the new installation’s functionality.