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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Data confidentiality and security

Integration within existing infrastructure

Adequacy between tools and productivity needs

Need for reliable, high speed internet connections at an attractive price

Slow adoption of new habits, resistance to change

Conversion of reluctant users through training

As individuals, we have thoroughly embraced the Cloud through services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Instagram, and a large number of applications that all store data for future use.

Professionally, adoption is a lot slower, mainly because of specific and corporate constraints of the companies.

cloud computing

Public maturity towards IT tools and cheap, available apps are pushing SME’s towards their digital transformation.

While a new or start-up company can directly adopt cloud solutions, an existing company with a previous infrastructure must proceed carefully, analysing the opportunities and relevance of each virtualization or outsourcing.

Apart from some legal constraints, all services currently processed internally can be outsourced with increased reliability, security, flexibility, ease of use and cost reduction.

Invest in what you really need

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Externalise your servers in the Cloud

No more regular expense in the replacement of a noisy and cumbersome black box.

Reduced maintenance cost.

A truly secure infrastructure meeting European data protection and confidentiality standards.

Choose the safe option with Microsoft Azure IaaS.

We will propose the best offer, suiting your internet speed, processor power, memory and storage space.

We can increase or decrease your resources, at any time, with a few clicks.

Pay-per-use offers greater flexibility, should you not need your server from 11pm to 8am, pause it and reduce you resource consumption.


Access your business applications from anywhere

Azure makes it easier, we provide a secure environment and deploy on-demand solutions for thin clients and mobile users who do not have high-speed connection access.


Test a new application or launch a new activity without the financial burden

Azure's tailor-made solutions deal with unexpected usage at a low cost. Azure's first customers were scientists and developers who were constantly testing new solutions without knowing their resource needs evolution.


Gain flexibility in the management of your IT assets

Azure allows you to create virtual machine profiles (DaaS) directly available to your users, saving your IT department precious time in installation and deployment.


Improve the security of your infrastructure by opting for a BCP/DRP.

The Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery Plan are now made available to all SMEs by Azure. Easily duplicate your infrastructure in the Cloud, which if not in use, is not paid for, uploads are free, and the cost of storage is limited. In the event of a disaster (fire, water damage, theft), all your resources will be available in less than 5 minutes.

Outsource your messaging and access the collaborative network

Choose Microsoft Office 365, the undisputed leader in the Enterprise market, combining several functionalities in a single environment:

A corporate messaging system including Exchange, a calendar and task management

Video, Audio, Chat and Webinar access with Skype Pro

1TB storage per user, document sharing and co-publishing with One Drive.

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Sharepoint is a unique environment enabling to set up team and sharing sites for the company or a targeted project.

Yammer, the company's social network, unites your teams and makes employee exchanges livelier.

One Note will share content from any given device

Power Bi is a powerful decision-making toolbox

Dynamics is a powerful and innovative CRM system

Office 365 is all this and more, enhanced continuously at no extra cost, with Microsoft’s acquisitions.

Always have the latest version of classic applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, available on desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC.

All Office 365 features are accessible off-line, directly on your terminal with rich clients, and online through a web portal for thin clients.