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Why the Cloud?

The acceleration of services digitalization requires a continuous evolution of the company’s network infrastructure (Discover our cloud computing solutions).

The IT budget of an SME must be controlled, measured, and in line with strategic and growth objectives, while enabling new tools availability.

The growing endorsement of advanced communication tools on a daily basis (online community, chats, videoconferencing, etc.) makes users confused about their company not adopting the same services, resulting in a complex management of the BOYD and critical computer data security.

les bénéfices du cloud

Until recently, adaptation to these technological evolutions required investment in costly infrastructure, regular maintenance and updates, without necessarily measuring the total cost of ownership, let alone the return on investment.

All this resulting in being trapped in heterogeneous technologies, unable to meet the company’s evolution needs and customer expectations.

The Cloud allows companies of all sizes and technological maturity to access flexible, scalable and pay-per-use solutions.

Cloud benefits

Outsourcing allows you to rationalize and control your investments, while reducing costs associated with operating your network infrastructure. 

Relying on recognized players’ infrastructures, you benefit from an optimal level of security, hardly achievable internally by most SMEs.

You can focus on your core business, priorities and optimize your users’ satisfaction and productivity by giving them access to the latest generation tools.

bénéfice du cloud apog

How to migrate successfully?

While this solution sounds attractive, the success of your migration project is linked to several essential steps:

An analysis of the existing situation :

The establishment of a precise diagnosis within the company will enable to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure
  • Identify hurdles to successful outsourcing
  • Identify services and applications eligible for outsourcing
  • Measure the technical and financial relevance of their outsourcing
  • Avoid redundancies with existing services and contracts
  • Define and prioritize future steps for migration to the Cloud

Each company has a different approach and needs, based on its history, business, structural, environmental or legal constraints as well as its long-term objectives.

We are dedicated to understanding your operating mode, and together develop personalized specification requirements, adapted to your needs.

Sort through all available solutions and features: from 15 years of experience in the IT field, Apo’g has acquired a 360° vision of IT market solutions and has implemented all of them in multiple contexts.

Applications and services that can be outsourced:

Under the IaaS, DaaS, SaaS or PaaS acronyms, are different technical models enabling a Cloud outsourcing.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

In the IaaS, the host rents virtual machines, guarantees their availability and backup, and emancipates you from hardware constraints.

Apo’g will install, configure and maintain the operating system(s), you decide what to install on these virtual machines.

There is a large offer available, and it is criical to choose the best fit for your current architecture, while offering the best services and security guarantees.

cloud et iaas

Apo’g selected Microsoft Azure platform.

For three decades, Microsoft has been offering a must-have network ecosystem for businesses. Azure is the most secure cloud environment on the market, and best suited to the needs of SMEs.

Fast implementation: with Azure, you get a functional server within 15 minutes.

Flexibility: with Azure, you manage your processor, memory and storage space needs in real time and in a few clicks.

Adapted: file server, application server, storage, implementation of Business Continuity Planning or Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP/DRP). With Azure, we help you implement the best security strategy for your data.

Découvrez notre offre IaaS avec la solution Azure de Microsoft

cloud et saas

SaaS – Software as a Service –

This is the easiest aspect to understand, allowing the end user to access corporate applications hosted on a secure environment.

Messaging and collaborative work: Apo’g selected Microsoft Office 365, the most advanced and up-to-date offer – Discover it HERE.

CRM software, sales management, accounting: Apo’g selected Sage Online, the leader in this field and cloud application – Discover it HERE.

Enterprise video conferencing:  Apo’g selected Lifesize, the only provider to offer a mature cloud solution compatible with Skype Enterprise – Discover it HERE.

Découvrez notre offre SaaS avec la solution Office 365 de Microsoft

The 10 advantages of SaaS for your SME

Services at a lower cost

Lower software usage and maintenance than traditional systems, and a durably low subscription cost in a very competitive market.

No installation or updates

SaaS software is pre-installed on the provider's servers and ready to use, resulting in a very short deployment time. Updates are made by the service provider and all employees use an identical version for internal data compatibility.

No investment amortization

Software accounts for an operating cost, fixed and predictable, not an investment in the balance sheet. Subscription cost is immediately deductible from the company's income without yearly depreciation.

Consumption reduction

Server consumption is optimized by sharing resources between companies.

Secure data

Data security responsibility lies with the selected service provider, who’s core business includes data security.

A customizable contract

When storing confidential data, you can negotiate specific provisions for security, maintenance and data availability with the service provider.

Accessible anywhere 24/7

The relocation of software to remote servers allows a mobile use of services and documents. Access with an Internet connection is possible from anywhere, at any time.


The offers are flexible and scalable, allowing solutions that meet the company’s real needs. Subscription can be amended almost instantly when hiring or downsizing.

Produce in SaaS mode

In addition to application use, SMEs can create SaaS services for their customers without having their own infrastructure, you just need to contact your supplier.