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Cloud telephony

The digital transformation underway in IT equally applies to corporate telephony.

Until now, a telephone installation was often expensive, cumbersome, barely scalable, and offering limited functionalities.

Cloud telephony solutions allows to curtail those limitations, emancipating SMEs from infrastructure management to focus on sole usage.

Each user has an adapted package, whether simple functionalities or oriented towards unified and enhanced communications.

Budget is under control, for both communications and equipment, easily adjustable to needs.

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Adopting Cloud Telephony means new usage:

  • Process calls from your office phone, PC, smartphone
  • Be reachable anywhere
  • Facilitate teleworking
  • Deploy a new site easily for your company
  • Work within a collaborative environment
  • Interface company’s applications (file feedback).
  • Add users without technical limits

While preserving advantages from corporate telephone installations:

  • Conference
  • Call transfer
  • Direct Inward Dial
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Automatic standard

A simplified pricing, and a subscription that includes your phone numbers, communications, telephony services, support and maintenance.

Which cloud telephony solution is best suited to my company ?

There are several scenarios for revamping a telephone installation:

    • IPBX
    • CPAAS (communication platform as a service)

Why call APO’G?

Our teams have been deploying telephony solutions for 20 years, and our expertise will guide you towards the solution that best suits your needs.

We are an approved “Orange Business” partner, so you can subscribe to the Orange catalogue (VOIP, fibre, cloud,…) through your APO’G sales representative.

Every need has its solution, determine the best fit for your company

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