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For a long time, video conferencing was limited to make systems communicate with each other, from point to point.

Companies that did not have this type of equipment could not communicate with customers, prospects, suppliers and employees.

Today, employees and clients are requiring easy-to-use communication solutions from any device: PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, IP video conferencing system, audio conferencing.

They want to organise video conferences, web conferences, webinars, online meetings, or chat in an intuitive way regardless of the equipment used.

How to choose the right video conferencing solution

1/ Should a meeting room be equipped with a video conferencing system (CODEC)?

It all depends on the meeting or call you want to organize.

– For a meeting gathering several employees in the same physical room, then a room system is mandatory.

The preferred system and model will depend on the meeting room size and number of participants.

Good sound recording and framing quality is critical to allow the visualisation the entire meeting room.

-For a meeting gathering employees from various locations, using a PC or Mac, a CODEC is not required when each participant has a terminal

2/ What is a virtual meeting room ?

A virtual room is used to gather interlocutors in a single room for meeting such as a product presentation, training, e-learning, sales animation, CHST meeting, management point, etc.

3/ How will participants connect ?

The latest solutions from publishers such as Lifesize (Apo’g is your Lifesize partner in Paris), Polycom, Avaya open up connection possibilities:

Connect from a browser supporting PSTN web (chrome/IE11)

Install a rich client

Use an IOS or Android smartphone

Use an audio bridge integrated into videoconferencing

Use a public IP allowing a CODEC call

4/ Who will use the video conferencing solution ?

  • Company employee
  • Company contact from PC/Mac
  • Company contact from a video conferencing system
  • Webinar guest

5/ How useful is the audio conference bridge in my video offer ?

If you are meeting with guests or do not master the remote infrastructure equipment, the audio bridge offers additional possibilities for external user connection when his company security policies prohibit some protocols.

6/ Video conference recording, useful ?

Recording is very useful for online training (E-learning) purposes, product presentation, message from the President and other related activities.

It represents an additional communication channel to develop interactive and on-demand content.

7/ Video cloud, why ?

The provision of a cloud-hosted or outsourced bridge, allows connecting several technologies on the same call: PC, MAC, Smartphone, tablet, IP video conferencing system, or audio conferencing.

It reduces bandwidth use for communication services, recording and virtual rooms, all streaming being made through the cloud.

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